Tuesday September 3rd, 2019

We will be picking and announcing our winner of the "persistence program" this week. It was great seeing so many of you on show up on a consistent basis .


ALL : Metcon (No Measure) Teams of 2 Accumulate 120 wallball sit up to wall sit toss. Person A will perform a sit up with wallball, at top of sit-up throw ball to Person B who is holding a wallsit (10 feet apart)

*switch every 20

Structural Strength

ALL : 3 rounds for quality (3 sets of 10 reps for each. ) 10 Db bench press 10 Pendlay row 10 Front rack KB lunge steps (5 per leg)Keep rest limited between movements and rest :90 between sets. Flat backs on rows and tight core on front rack lunge


OPEN Track: Metcon (Time) Every 5 min X 5 Run 400/ Row 500 6 Turkish get UPS (3 per side) (53/35) 8 Single arm Kb thruster (per side) (53/35)

*track time it takes to complete each round. Looking for 1 min + of rest. Adjust weight as needed. Goal is to use same weight for turkish get up as thruster. Can use DBS if kettlebell weights are limited

LIFE Track: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds) 25 Min Amrap Run 200 meter 20 mountain climbers (R+L = 1) Run 200 meter 20 (DB) Goblet squats Run 200 meter 20 Leg lifts over DBS

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