Thursday August 29th, 2019

Warm-up ALL: 5 Min to Foam roll /use lacrosse ball/ free stretch.

THEN In Teams of 2 8 min of work Partner A) 200 meter "brute" sandbag run Partner B) 10 Medball cleans + 10 Medball thrusters + 10 Medball deadbug (per side)


OPEN Track: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

Every 4 Min X  36 Min complete one station.

A) 500 Meter row 20 Hang power clean (115/75) (155/105 rx+) *Pick a weight we can get done in 2-3 sets.

B) 100 Double under (Modification=200 singles or 10 attempts to reach 100) 20 Overhead squats (95/65) (135/95 rx+) (MOD= Plate overhead lunge) * Try to hold on for an unbroken set...

C) 6 Wall walks (MOD= rower walk outs) 3 Rope climbs (legless rx+) (MOD= foot lock drill on rig ropes) *return chest to floor at start of each wall walk

You will have 4 min to complete each station. At the top of the new 4 min rotate to new station..

Goal is to have approximately one min rest before having to start new round

LIFE Track: Metcon (No Measure) 36 Min amrap: Run 400 meter 25 American Kb swing Skierg 400 meter 25 air Squats Bike 20 Cal 25 Hollow rocks

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