Monday October 27th, 2019


ALL: 3 Rounds 12 Seated band row 10 Single arm curl to press :20 Hollow hold :15 Bike Burst


ALL: Pull up progressions (6 X 8-12) EMOM X 6 Option 1) 12-14 C2B (4-6 MU RX+) Option 2) 10-12 Butterfly PU Option 3) 8-10 Kipping Pull up

Can alternate between options.

Band up for those still building that strength


ALL: Metcon (Calories) 4 Rounds for max Cals

4 Min on/ :90 rest

150 Foot shuttle sprint 60 Double under/120 single 30 air squat 15 DB push press (35/20) (50/35 rx+) MAX Cal row in remaining time

Stimulus: We want at least :90-2 min to attack the row

Push press weight should be on the lighter side and be done unbroken


ALL: Metcon (No Measure) Mobility options

Band lat distraction

Lax trap

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