• Trevor Phillips

Monday August 19th, 2019

Warm-up ALL : 30/21 Cal on bike Every 10/7 get off and perform: 20 air squats 15 Plate hollow rock (15/10#) 10 Pushups

*8 Min Cap

Oly Lift OPEN TRACK ONLY : Metcon (Weight) Every :90 X 7 1 Power clean 2 Front squats 1 Split Jerk

Rx 185/145 RX+ 225/165 Choose a challenging load, Not looking for fails. We want quality reps. Fast Snappy Jerks and Upright Front squats

LIFE TRACK ONLY: Metcon (No Measure) 14 Min Amrap: 15 Russian Kb swing 8 Single arm overhead Split squat (per side) 8 Arnold press :40 plank

Metcon OPEN TRACK ONLY: Metcon (Time) 4 Rounds 18/15 Cal Row 14 Lateral burpee over bar 9 Power Clean and Jerk (125/85)

*REST :90 between rounds Record total time - including rest.

**With our built in rest, we are looking for 90%+ effort during work.  Push pace on row and burpees, Think quick singles on barbell, unless proficient at cycling .

***If unable to keep rounds between 2-3 min change to. 15/12 Row 12/10 Burpee 7/6 Clean and jerk

LIFE TRACK ONLY: Metcon (No Measure) 4 Rounds 60 Heavy rope single unders 10 Db floor press 10 Kb seesaw row (per arm) 10 Ring Dips

*Pick challenging weight for each option.

Good option for those that don't want to tough the barbell today. Upper body burner to help Pressing, Pushing, and Pulling